Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura, CA

Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura, CA

Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura
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Ventura Bankruptcy Lawyer
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I am a Ventura, CA Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection Lawyer who loves practicing consumer bankruptcy and consumer rights law. I realize that bankruptcy and consumer rights are two of the few areas of law that produce benefits for both the client and me.

I am a working-class lawyer who helps working-class people find solutions to escape overwhelming debt.

This is why I launched my $1 down Chapter 7 bankruptcy program.


My goal is not to “process” a bankruptcy and never see the client again, but is instead to be your lawyer for life, long after your financial issues are a vague memory. I stay in contact with my clients after their lawsuit or bankruptcy.

This is also why I am also the only lawyer in Ventura County to buy a 100% legal, 100% ethical credit rebuilding (NOT CREDIT REPAIR) program for every one of my bankruptcy and collection agency defense clients who has credit problems. My client benefits because I am able to help get rid of collection agency phone calls, and the debt that is strangling the client. I benefit by knowing that I gave my client the best possible representation without having to compromise my values, which is simply not true for many other areas of legal practice.

720 Credit Score Course – Free.

I will even enroll you in the course for free – after you do your bankruptcy consultation with me. I want everyone to know how easy it is to rebuild your credit – without paying for BS “credit repair” companies.


‘No-BS’ Bankruptcy and Consumer Rights Lawyer 

Bankruptcy lawyerAfter meeting with me, most clients see that I am a ‘no BS’ lawyer, and that I will give you the best possible advice for your individual circumstances. If you do not need to file, I will tell you why I would not file your case, and I will actually try to talk you out of filing.


At the end of the day, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment because I know that I’m able to help my clients get relief from not only their debts, but also from nasty creditor phone calls, from the nagging feeling in your stomach every night and as soon as you wake up, and all day long.

Once we get our hands around your financial problems, I will show you the road map to get freedom from unserviceable debt.

“Will I Get Credit After Bankruptcy?”

Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura

Yes, you will get credit after your bankruptcy.You will get credit cards, and you will be able to buy a car or house, if that’s your goal.

I am the only bankruptcy attorney in Ventura County who offers a $1,000 FICO credit score improvement program to all my clients at no charge to the client. I like this program so much that I locked up the exclusive rights to give it to my clients.

You need to call me – Ventura  Bankruptcy Attorney Eric Ridley – at (805) 244-5291, or e-mail at [email protected] right now, for your free, no-pressure consultation.

Bankruptcy Information from Ventura Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy law lets you eliminate all, or a good part, of your debts. If you’re unsure, scared, or feel awkward about considering filing for bankruptcy – please don’t worry. Most of my clients are concerned about whether Bankruptcy is an ethical or moral way to solve their problems.

Good News About Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura

The bankruptcy laws are written to give people like you – regular people – a fresh start without the need to worry about creditors calling, about lawsuits, or about what will happen tomorrow.

First, we’ll want to decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for you.

Take a look through the large amount of free bankruptcy information here on my Ventura Bankruptcy site. That should help you get started.

Then, once you have read all you want to absorb about bankruptcy, you will have more questions than answers, I promise.

Please call me; as your personal bankruptcy lawyer, I will take all the time we need to take,  to explain the process to you , to answer all your questions, and to give you an unbiased, honest analysis of your situation.

Types of Debts I Analyze in Bankruptcy:

  • Unsecured debts:  These are debts incurred, which are based on a repayment agreement, and which did not require you to put up any collateral.  Unsecured debts are the most common types of debts, and include your medical bills, credit cards, payday loans, and utility bills. It is not uncommon to be able to discharge all of your unsecured debt in your bankruptcy proceeding.
  • Secured debts: include loans secured or collateralized by real estate, automobiles, or other big-ticket items. You must keep paying for any secured debts if you wish to keep the property that is secured after the bankruptcy.
  • Non-dischargeable debts:  Debts that can’t be eliminated in your bankruptcy proceeding. This includes parking tickets, some IRS debt, student loans, back child support, and most other government debts.

Chapter 7 v. Chapter 13

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What are the differences between Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Because the bankruptcy laws are written and implemented at the Federal level, for the most part the bankruptcy laws apply nationwide.

However, each state has their own list of exemptions, which are the rules about how much of your property we will be able to exempt from the proceeding. For example, most people are able to keep their house, car, and almost 100% of the time, people are able to keep all of their personal property.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to eliminate (discharge) all of your unsecured debts, with the exception of some government debts such as most taxes, student loans and child support. In order to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the Court will examine your income, expenses, and the value of any assets that you own, such as stocks, real estate, the cash value of your insurance policies, etc.

We also need to analyze your situation against a “means test”, which compares your income and expenses to the median income for your area. The means test and the state exemptions can be tricky, and I will help you through the whole process. The majority of people who file Chapter 7 bankruptcy keep all of their property, and are able to keep their house and car. But –  you must stay current on your car or house payments.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt repayment plan where you repay a percentage (sometimes as low as 10% or less) of your unsecured debts over a period of 3-5 years. While you are on the repayment plan, you are completely protected from your creditors. Many people file their Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to stop a foreclosure.

When you do this, you then get 3-5 years to make up your back payments, or arrears. People who may not qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy because of their higher income or assets can often also file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Once you’ve learned the basics of bankruptcy, we should talk. To get your FREE, no-obligation consultation, and to learn about my $0 Down Bankruptcy Program, just complete the short form down below, or call me directly at (805) 244-5291.

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